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Pärnu County first electronics industry companies were founded in the mid-1990’s. Higher growth in the sector took place in early 2000, when foreign capital entered the sector. Regions biggest electronics companies are founded on foreign capital: Scanfil OÜ and Note Pärnu OÜ.

Pärnu electronics sector has grown rapidly over the last years. Today, the local capital owns very small part, most of the big companies are production units of large groups.

Companies have increasingly advanced from earlier easier cable manufacturing to more complex manufacture. Some companies have also brought some of their development activities to Pärnu County. In order to meet the increasing labor demand, Pärnu County Vocational Education Center has launched, with the cooperation of the electronics companies, the Electronic compiler curriculum.

The sector’s development is supported by a well-established industrial area, which has the necessary infrastructure. Pärnu County has a good logistical location and wide possibilities of transportation: Via Baltica, airport, harbor and railway.

There are 11 electronics companies which empoly around 956 people.

The sectors most important products are: – network equipment, – production of electronics equipment, – production of computer equipment, -production of telecommunication equipment.

In 2013, the total turnover of the sector in the county was 69 333 880 euros, from which 68 962 83 euros (99%) was export turnover and 3,5% was profit.

The biggest companies in the sector:

Scanfil OÜ Scanfil Oy (Finland, Sievi Capital since 2011) was founded in 1976 (listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange), Pärnu manufacturing facility was purchased in 2003 and today it employs 380 people. Production units are also located in Finland, Hungary and China. The company’s core  business is electronic service outsourcing. Customers and suppliers are located all over the world.
Note Pärnu OÜ Pärnu unit is registered in 1198, 100% owner Note AB (Sweden) is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Pärnu has 245 employees. The company’s core business is electronics service outsourcing and is provided to clients all over the world and to various sectors. Suppliers are from all over the world.
MS Balti Trafo OÜ The company was founded in 1997 and by now, most of the share is held by German capital. The company has 160 employees. The company manufactures small transformers and inductive components mainly for the Germans, Finnish and Swedish market. Most important suppliers are located in Germany.
OSHINO Electronics The company was founded in 2002, name and partly field of activity was changed in 2009. Owned by OSHINO Lamps GmbH and Estonian private capital providing employment for 25 people. 85% of the company produces are lightning elements for the automotive industry and 15% is other electronics. The main markets for the automotive industry are Germany and UK, for the other products – Estonia and Sweden.

Electronics companies

MILECTRIA EST OÜ Savi 12a 80010 Pärnu +372 52 39 692
MS BALTI TRAFO OÜ Vihtra road 3 A 87701 Vändra + 372 44 71 660
NOTE PÄRNU OÜ Laki 2 80010 Pärnu + 372 44 48 500
OSHINO ELECTRONICS ESTONIA OÜ Jannseni 26 80032 Pärnu + 372 44 51 520
SCANFIL OÜ Vana-Sauga 40 80044 Pärnu + 372 44 26 800