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Business and Development Centre

When you need to learn more about Pärnu region, its investment opportunities and key business sectors, find office or industrial property, just contact us.

Business and Development Centre of Pärnu County
Address: Aida 5, 2nd floor, Pärnu 80010, Estonia
Phone: +372 445 5555
Fax: +372 445 5554
Contact person: Sulev Alajõe
Spoken languages: English (in the organisation: Russian, Danish)

Field of activity (consultations are free of charge):
– information how to start a new business;
– consulting of business plans;
– information about grants and support schemes;
– business contacts (subcontractors, suppliers);
– information and contact services about Estonian Universities services for enterprises (R&D, commercialisation of intellectual property, protection and management of intellectual property);
– information about Pärnu region and Pärnu region’s investment opportunities.
Don’t hesitate to contact us!