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The textile sector of Pärnu County is of traditional importance for the region. In addition to sewing, home décor products – blankets, pillows, soft parts of furniture – are also manufactured. The industry ranks fourth in the county in terms of sales income and export figures. Sewing work also helps to secure the employment of women in rural areas. With the refining of exports, design, computer graphics, and product development are being added to sewing work.

Largest companies in the region are Wendre, Trimtex, Qualitex, Fennobed, Fein-Elast Estonia.

AS Wendre’s financial results make it one of the largest manufacturers of home interior products in Europe. Among the company’s clients are some of the leading home interior and furniture store chains from across the globe.

Knowledge about textile industry opportunities, understanding of consumer needs, international know-how, careful product research and development, top-quality raw materials – all this allows the company to manufacture products that Pärnu can feel globally proud of.

Every evening almost 11 million Europeans lay their heads on the pillows made by AS Wendre in Pärnu – and every morning about 8 million people wake up under the blankets manufactured by this company.

Development of the textile sector is supported by the curricula taught on the basis of basic and secondary education at the Vocational Centre of Pärnu County. But also availability of the supply chain (Pambu, Oberis) and competence of people, supporting the activity of the abovementioned companies established with foreign capital. In addition, the development and prospects of the sector are supported by the logistically favourable location of Pärnu County and diversified transport facilities: Via Baltica, an airport, seaport and railway.

There are a total of approximately 18 companies and 1611 employees engaged in the textile industry.

The total turnover of the sector in the county was EUR 178 868 836 in 2013, with export accounting for EUR 94 919 606 and profit 3,5%.

Textile companies

FEIN-ELAST ESTONIA OÜ Pärnu mnt 52 86703 Sindi +372 44 59 940
QUALITEX AS Pärnu mnt. 50 86703 Sindi + 372 44 26 840
TRIMTEX BALTIC OÜ Haapsalu mnt 18, Pärnu +372 44 30 720
VALLEY OÜ Vihtra tee 1a 87701 Vändra + 372 44 47 780
WENDRE AS Lina 31 80041 Pärnu + 372 44 90 704
WIGEN SINDI OÜ Raba 19 80041 Pärnu + 372 44 37 995
OÜ Pambu Põllu 2C 80029 Pärnu + 372 50 31 052
POMARFIN AS Vana-Sauga 38, Pärnu linn, Pärnu maakond, 80044 + 372 44 76 131
Grüne tekstiil Ehitajate tee 5, Tõstamaa, 88101 + 372 566 87 340
Fennobed Veermiku 7, 85003 Sauga, Pärnumaa, 37 255 649 909