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The perfect location, close to the Finnish, Swedish and Russian markets plus good connections to Central-Europe has brought many companies to Pärnu.

The Via Baltica motorway, which passes through Pärnu, is the main connection between the Nordic and Central and Western European countries. Over the past few years, major investments have been made in upgrading the Via Baltica and other roads, thus ensuring faster and more convenient transport.

Significant flows of exports from Pärnu region and South-Estonia pass through the Port of Pärnu which lies at the mouth of the Pärnu River. In recent years, the port has developed into an important regional harbour for south-western and southern Estonia.

The airport in Pärnu is located three kilometres from the city centre and, based on a former military airfield, has Estonia’s second longest runway (2480 meters). In addition to scheduled domestic flights, the airport is also used for private and charter flights to international destinations. Pärnu airfield is very well suited for private aviation, use by aviation clubs, aviation and parachuting sports and air cargo transport.

The city is also served by the railway which together with the road, air and water ways forms a transportation hub of high capacity and flexibility.