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Living environment

The beautiful, natural and safe environment makes Pärnu region a particularly favourable place for people to live and work. People prefer to come rather than to leave the Pärnu region since there are good opportunities for education and work and numerous arts and cultural events. In recent years many new homes have been built to house the increasing numbers of people arriving to settle down here.

The city is rich in historic parks and alleys, which create a great atmosphere for recreation. Pärnu is particularly famous for its south-facing sandy beach, one of the most beautiful on the Baltic Sea. With a rich natural, historic and cultural heritage to explore, the sea, the beach and the forests provide a huge variety of opportunities for holidaying and rehabilitation.

Resort and tourist activities date back to 1838 when the first bathing institution was founded and the resort of Pärnu has been hosting holidaymakers from throughout the world ever since. Its long tradition as a resort and place for recuperation has made Pärnu well known in Finland, other Scandinavian countries and in Russia. There are six spas and rehabilitation centres and numerous hotels with more than 4,000 beds to book round the year.

Since 1996 Pärnu has enjoyed the status of the Summer Capital of Estonia. Particularly in the hottest months of the year – from June until August – there is more to see and do and more cultural events in the summer capital than anywhere else in Estonia. Summertime Pärnu is the place where one meets old acquaintances and makes new friends with other people enjoying the summer.

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