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Pärnu Economics

8 good reasons to make business (and invest) in Pärnu:

  • International Accessibility
  • Fast Growth Zone
  • Easy Business Environment
  • Quality of Life
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Global Approach
  • Prestigious Health Resort
  • Availability of Resources

Pärnu in figures

  • Location: South-West part of Estonia
  • Area: 4807 km2 (11% of the territory of Estonia)
  • Population: 82 300 (87% Estonians, 9% Russians)
  • Regional Center: Town of Pärnu (39 700 inhabitants)
  • Natural resources: Timber, peat, gravel, dolomite, clay
  • Distances from Pärnu by road (Tallinn 129 km, Riga 189 km, Helsinki 210 km, St. Petersburg 459 km, Warsaw 895 km, Moscow 1150 km, Berlin 1475 km

Today Pärnu is an economically balanced region with a comprehensive range of industries. Foreign investments and new businesses with up-to-date technologies have enhanced job creation and higher competitiveness of the businesses in the world markets. Several enterprises of Pärnu region stand out as the best in Estonia which makes them reliable business partners for companies all over the world. Today the region is economically balanced with a comprehensive range of industries.

Economic acitvity has been successful in a number of fields having greatly influenced the region’s prosperity. Beautiful nature and secure environment make Pärnu region a most favorable place for people to work and live.

The economy of Pärnu region has great potential. There are a lot of companies looking out for partnerships, there is land and human resources available to set up an efficient business.