Lihula Business Area

This is the former area of the construction office of collective farms which is now home to various companies, the best-known of which are Uninaks, Narma and Greencube. Its total area is ca 35 ha and it comprises two separate parts: the Valuste Road and Piiri Street areas. Around 70% of the area is being used. Infrastructure has been developed with the help of grants for strengthening regional competitiveness. A detailed plan to obtain municipal ownership of the land and create new lots along Piiri Street is also under way. Around 70 new jobs could be created in 5-6 years. The area is in the immediate vicinity of the Lihula-Pärnu and Risti-Virtsu highways and the existing 110 kV electrical substation is planned to be converted into a 300 kV station between 2018 and 2020.