Mauri technovillage

The first stage of Mauri Technovillage was develo­ped in 2006-2008. It is situated on the comer of Kaubasadama road (road to Port of Pärnu) and Haapsalu motorway, just 500 m from Pamu’s border. Kaubasadama road and the industrial park is also connected to Via Baltica highway – so it has excellent connection to Tallinn-Riga-Vilnius motorway and other important cities in Estonia. During the development of the first phase 2 buildings with total size of 9463 m2 were completed. The buildings have flexible planning, therefore our clients can rent boxes starting from 200 m2 up to 2000 m2. The business building’s compartments are suitable for small scale production as well as for service purpose. Our clients offer different services like car and truck maintenance; maintenance and sales of different industrial machinery and also small production among other businesses. The buildings are one of the most modem and biggest developments in and around Pärnu area and are constructed using metal roof and wall sandwich panels, which guarantees low heating costs for our clients. We are preparing to the development of second phase on 6,7 ha property already in 2014. Currently Mauri Technovillage is looking for new clients to develop build-to-suit rental buildings based on recently approved master plan, which created 11 new plots with size between 1923 m2 and 3835 m2. In total we can develop 11 new buildings with gross area up to 18 000 m2. More information: