Northwest Pärnu Industrial Area

Located inside the City of Pärnu and only 2.5 km from the centre, the Loode-Pärnu Industrial Area is an undeveloped zone with great potential. The detail plan covers approximately 250 ha and includes streets, green areas, a residential district and industrial area. 279,752 square meters is designated as industrial/business land and divided between 38 lots and it is possible for entrepreneurs to combine several lots in order to obtain the required size. The sizes of the lots range from 4,500 to 13,000 square meters and the area to be occupied by structures may be up to 50% of the lot area. The designation of the lots is 100% business land, 100% industrial land or 50%industrial/50% business land. The most likely industrial sectors to be interested in the Loode-Pärnu Industrial Area are timber and wood, machinery, building supplies, metal and electronics. Due to its excellent location and close connections to Pärnu sea and air ports and the Via Baltica highway, it is also well situated for storage and warehousing.


City of Pärnu

Communication accessibility:

Access road: Asphalt road

Motorway: 300m to Via Baltica motorway

Airport: located adjacent to the industrial area

Nearest international airport: Tallinn 130 km, Riga 190 km

Port: Port of Pärnu 4 km

Technical infrastructure: Water and sewerage: connections on the border of the plot

Drainage: constructed

Fire water supply: constructed

Heat: partly constructed

Electricity: partly constructed

Gas: partly constructed

Telecommunications: partly constructed

Streets: constructed