Sauga Business Areas

There are a number of different areas in Sauga.

1. Areas by Tehnika Street (ca 10 registered immovables with six companies, incl. a car demolition site and an asphalt factory). The area is partially built-up and the construction of a new metalworking building is under way.
2. Sauga Industrial Park in front of the former community centre (43.5 ha); essentially brand new, 19 lots in total. The area hosts one company and has not been built on.
3. Area to the left of Tallinn Highway (9 ha). There are six registered immovables which have not been built on. No one is operating in the area at present.
4. The former pig factory (brownfields) further from Tallinn Highway where a timber plant, car demolition site and plastic pellet factory are located.

The areas have a detailed plan and principal designs for infrastructure. There is another ca 5-ha area with a detailed plan next to Pärnu Airport which is not being actively dealt with. Business model: auction of lots or conditional transfer by discretionary procedure. The money raised will be invested in the development of infrastructure. At present, around 80% of the lots are vacant and 20% are occupied. No specific target group has been defined. The main criterion is employment. The infrastructure is not fully developed: this is being partially done under an ongoing support project. There is a boiler plant (SW Energia) and electricity is also available, but restrictions apply to the immovables due to overhead open-wire lines. A broadband connection is being installed, with the companies having to construct the last mile. The area’s competitive edge is its logistically good location (close to the city of Pärnu, the airport, Via Baltica and the future Rail Baltic).