Uulu Technopark is located here

Sauga Technopark is located here

5 reasons to invest in Pärnu

1 Great logistical location

2 Modern infrastructure

3 Stable and supportive business environment

4 Skilled workforce

5 Pleasant living environment

Sauga Technopark

Sauga Technopark is located in Tori Municipality, near the city of Pärnu, encompassing several population units: Sauga borough, Kilksama village, and a small part of Nurme village. 

Sauga Technopark has three different types of plots available:

  1. Partially occupied – with companies already operating there. (Red color)
  2. Vacant plots with developed utilities and communications networks. (Green color – 1st area)
  3. Vacant plots without developed utilities and communications networks. (Blue color – 2nd area)

There are plans to develop the 2nd area in 2022-2023.

There is a detailed spatial plan for Sauga Technopark established by the local municipality and the plots there are issued with the right of superficies. The intended use of all plots is 50% for commercial use and 50% for industrial use. Businesses with significant environmental impact are not allowed. It is possible for the entrepreneurs to combine several plots in order to obtain their required plot size, if and when the structure of plots and buildings enable it.

Currently there are 20 companies registered at the Sauga Technopark, with a total of 237 employees. Medium-sized businesses are not located in the area, but there are 7 small businesses with 10-50 employees and 13 micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees. The main business sector represented in Sauga Technopark is the manufacturing industry (8 companies) and the biggest employer there is the mattress factory Fennobed with 30 employees. 5 companies are operating in retail and wholesale trade and car services, 4 companies in the field of transportation and warehousing.


Infrastructure1st Area2nd Area
Street lightingPlanned
Rainwater drainagePlanned
Electrical subscription point100A availablePlanned
Electrical power with direct line
Water and seweragePlanned
District heating

Uulu Technopark

Uulu Industrial Park is an industrial area located in the village of Uulu, nearly 15 kilometers from the city of Pärnu and right next to the international Via Baltica road. More than 500 people live in the surrounding area. 

At the moment, a number of companies are already operating in the industrial park and more manufacturing companies looking for different sizes of production buildings are eagerly awaited here. However, in light of the Rail Baltic cargo terminal to be located quite close to Uulu Industrial Park, all types of transportation and logistics companies looking for warehousing spaces are also warmly welcome to the area.

The intended use of all plots is 100% industrial land, all plots have paved access roads with lighting. There is a detailed spatial plan for Uulu Technopark.

The vacant (green) plots in Uulu Industrial Park can be rented and developed in cooperation with the owner according to the customer’s needs and it is also possible to merge various plots there.


InfrastructureUulu Technopark
Street lighting
Rainwater drainage
Electrical subscription point
Electrical power with direct line
Water and sewerage
District heating

If you need investment help or advice:

Mihkel Kärg

I am Regional Investor Consultant, who provides soft-landing services for foreign investors, helping to find the most suitable premises, business and training partners in Pärnu, as well as liaising with local municipalities, county development centres and relevant public sector institutions. Regional Investor Consultant also offers ongoing advisory services regarding growth, development and marketing opportunities for foreign-owned companies operating in the region of Western Estonia.

My email is: mihkel.karg@eas.ee.

Mihkel Kärg

Estonian Investment Agency

Logistical location

Logistical location

Pärnu County’s coastal location and the extremely favorable position on the Tallinn-Riga development axis provide the region with great potential for developing the multimodal transport and logistics sector.

The main transport and logistics corridors passing through the county are the Via Baltica road from Tallinn through the three Baltic States and the Port of Pärnu cargo port. The completion of Rail Baltica and the reconstruction of Pärnu Airport in the coming years will lay the foundations for a multimodal and high-speed international transport connections.

Port of Pärnu – logistics hub for trade and tourism

The largest of the county’s ports – the Port of Pärnu – is located at the mouth of the Pärnu River and is a significant regional port in southwestern and southern part of Estonia. The port can accommodate vessels that have registered length up to 148 m, maximum beam of 45 m and a declared draught of 6 m.

The Port of Pärnu has 7 cargo berths with a total length of about 700 m. There are 4 mobile cranes for loading and unloading of goods, the working range of which is up to 22 m. Thanks to the new cruise ship facility opened in 2017, the port is also able to service cruise tourists.

Pärnu Airport – great prospects for charter flights, cargo operations, private aviation

Pärnu Airport, located at the former military airfield, is the second largest in Estonia in terms of the length and size of its runway. The airport is located three kilometers from the city of Pärnu. The reconstruction activities of the airport will be completed in 2022.

In addition to domestic scheduled flights, Pärnu is used for private and charter flights to other countries. Besides air transport, Pärnu Airport is very well suited for private aviation and activities of aviation clubs, skydiving and other air sports, as well as for open-air events.

Via Baltica – highway to the heart of Europe

The European route E67, called Via Baltica between Warsaw and Tallinn, passes through the city of Pärnu and is the main connection between Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

Rail Baltica – key mobility project connecting Europe

Rail Baltica is one of the European Union’s priority projects, which will connect Finland, the Baltics and Poland, and improve connections between Central and Northern Europe and Germany. The route will be completed by 2026, and a Rail Baltic cargo terminal will be built in Pärnu County, to become an important central hub for the development of business in the region.

Modern infrastructure

Modern infrastructure

Owing to the development of fast connections, Pärnu County continues to cement its position as Estonia’s third growth center.

Pärnu is set to become a new unique logistics hub in Estonia, where all major transportation modes are connected into the multimodal transport network. Currently, an inclusive technical infrastructure is being developed:

  • Rail Baltica high-speed railway with a cargo terminal, passenger station and local stops.
  • International Via Baltica highway.
  • Reconstruction and internationalization of Pärnu Airport
  • Better utilization of the Port of Pärnu’s potential for handling cargo and passenger traffic.

Energy security and new development opportunities are ensured for the county by the construction of Harku-Lihula-Sindi 330/110 kV and Kilingi-Nõmme-Riga TEC 2 330 kV high voltage lines, and by wind farms and solar power plants to be built in the nearest future. Modern infrastructure that enables the best use of ICT opportunities and smart solutions is also being systematically developed here.

Business environment

Business environment

Investors who create jobs with high added value and businesses that reduce seasonality are warmly welcome to Pärnu County.

Pärnu County has an economically stable business environment, where both the private sector and local municipalities have established several industrial areas. There are industrial parks with already developed infrastructure, as well as industrial areas still under development, which can be tailored to meet the needs of future investors.

Foreign investments and companies utilizing modern technology play an important role in creating jobs in Pärnu County and increasing the competitiveness of local companies. A number of companies in the Pärnu region are among the best in Estonia, making them reliable business partners for companies worldwide.

Pärnu County’s business support ecosystem is valued by entrepreneurs

Local business development agencies, educational institutions and entrepreneurs are all part of a closely connected network. Training and educating the workforce that corresponds to the needs of the county’s business environment is done in cooperation with higher and vocational education institutions. An important driver of growth for new and ambitious players is also the systematic development of business awareness and youth entrepreneurship at lower and upper secondary school level.

Skilled workforce

Skilled workforce

Quality education that meets the needs of entrepreneurs

As a result of regular roundtables between vocational and higher education institutions and entrepreneurs, curricula have been launched in the county that takes into account the needs of the labor market. Business and industry practitioners are closely involved with educational activities, linking career planning for students with the county’s business and employment opportunities.

Support from the regional innovation and business development ecosystem

The regional innovation hub, which connects the various business development and educational competencies of Pärnu County and is implemented based on the so-called triple helix innovation model, is morphing into a future-oriented development accelerator for the whole region. Empowering entrepreneurial activity through the supportive incubation and startup services, growing the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of young people through the implementation of entrepreneurial education and student companies, as well as the active involvement of entrepreneurs, all help to increase the competitiveness of the region’s economy.

Cozy living environment

Cozy living environment

Pärnu County’s beautiful and natural living environment makes it the most attractive place for living and working in Estonia.

Pärnu County’s cleaner, safer and more diverse living environment is available for everyone, as a result of targeted environmental investments and responsible attitudes of its inhabitants. Versatile opportunities for education, work and cultural events are being further developed every year. In recent years, many new houses have been built in the county to accommodate people coming to live here and local municipalities have also developed a network of light traffic roads, which cover the majority of the county’s territory.

The whole region surrounding Pärnu is particularly famous for its sandy beaches, one of the most beautiful around the Baltic Sea region. Rich nature, historical and cultural heritage, the sea, beaches and forests provide a lot of recreation and vacation opportunities for locals, as well as our visitors.

We will direct your letter to the right person.

We will direct your letter to the right person.