New Harbour of Varbla (opened in 2020). Photo: Kristjan Pikner

10 boring facts about Pärnu

Fact 1 In total, more than 86,000 people live in Pärnu County. Nearly 40,000 of them live in the center of Pärnu city.

Fact 2 The area of Pärnu city municipality is larger than New York. This is because of the administrative reform carried out in 2018. Several rural municipalities were merged with Pärnu city municipality.

Fact 3 Pärnu County is the largest county in Estonia. The population density is 16 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Fact 4 There are a total of 7 local municipalities in Pärnu County: Pärnu City, Tori, Häädemeeste, Saarde, Lääneranna, Põhja-Pärnumaa, Kihnu.

Fact 5 Kihnu Island, situated in Pärnu County, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fact 6 Pärnu beach is the most popular beach in Estonia, which brings hundreds of thousands of tourists to the region in summer.

Fact 7 Pärnu’s location is unique – being almost the same distance from the capitals of the two Baltic countries. It is 210 kilometers from Pärnu to Riga and 140 kilometers to Tallinn.

Fact 8 There are two internationally recognized national parks in Pärnu County – Soomaa and Matsalu. Soomaa is known for its fifth season. Matsalu National Park is one of the richest bird places in Europe, more than 270 different bird species are registered here.

Fact 9 Pärnu River is the second longest river in Estonia. The city of Pärnu is unique in Estonia because the city is bordered on one side by the sea and on the other by a river. This is why the center of Pärnu looks like a small peninsula.

Fact 10 Pärnu County has excellent opportunities for valuing bio-resources and the excellent location also favors the activities of warehousing companies. In addition, there is favorable soil for companies in the wood, metal and electronics, construction materials, mechanical engineering and textile industries.